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The ULFC is an all-volunteer organization that provides fire suppression and emergency services for Upper Leacock Township. The company has approximate 35 members and is primarily funded through fund raising activities and township support. Fundraising events include the annual fund drive, Sub Sales, and Chicken Barbeque Sales.
The ULFC that exists today originated in 1988 when the Leola and Leacock Fire Companies merged. At that time, we were the first Fire Company merger within the state of Pennsylvania. These types mergers continue today using ULFC as an example of success.


Courage – inspiring member actions to be taken within a calculated and acceptable risk level to fulfill the mission of our organization

Integrity – commitment to an uncompromising behavior of high moral character, honesty, respect, and responsibility

Service – collaboratively work together to respectfully meet the needs of our local community

Sacrifice – altruistically forego personal endeavors for the betterment of our community


Upper Leacock Fire Company is dedicated to the preservation and protection of the lives, property, environment, and livelihood of the residents, businesses, and visitors of Upper Leacock Township and surrounding communities by striving to provide the highest quality of emergency services and public education.


Upper Leacock Fire Company will meet the needs of our dynamic and evolving community through the advancement of our volunteers, training, equipment, and technology to improve the quality of life and promote a safer, healthier community.

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