50 West Main St, Leola, PA 17540


1974 Mack

Leola had this 1974 Mack MB685/Howe, canopy cab, 1000/640, high side compartments both sides, A frame ladder rack over hose bed. Sold to a fire company in OK in 1996

1950 FWD

1950 FWD, semi-cab, 750 GPM, cost $10,500, sales order no. 70116, model F-75-T, delivered 10/20/50, still had in 1981
Now owned by one of our members.

1960 Ford

1960 Ford C-600/Maxim, full cab, 750/200, enclosed walk-in rescue-pumper. Purchased used in 1983 from the Barren Hill Fire Company (Montgomery County, PA) by Leacock (Lancaster County, PA). Barren Hill repowered it with a Caterpiller diesel and automatic transmission in 1973. It had a 6KW Onan diesel generator. Leacock refurbed and repainted it in 1983. It was sold in 1991 to a local construction company. Seen in 1999 at the end of 13th Ave. in Prospect Park at Sullivans Salvage, rotting away.